Voice & Video Show Reel

All the following voice samples except those from actual gigs were recorded and produced in our home studio equipped with Neumann TLM 103 mic, ProTools mounted on MacOS X.

UNESCO World Conference on ESD in Aichi Nagoya's welcome reception (EN)

Bilingual Wedding MC (JP-EN)

Cérémonie de mariage civile (JP-FR)

Radio show host demo

Radio-i Morning Live excerpt

This is an excerpt from the radio show I hosted at Radio-i in Nagoya City in 2010, but unfortunately the station closed due to economic recession that same year. But I really enjoyed my job there.

Opening Ceremony of Nagoya Festival (JP-EN)

Mayor Kawamura's signature Nagoya dialect is such fun!

Audiobook in French

IVR Message (JP-EN)

Fujitsu Forum 2015 Global VIP Reception

Rakugo story-teller Shinoharu Tatekawa was my co-host.

PA at The 27th Tokyo International Film Festival

Introducing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and acctress Miki Nakatani

The 26th Tokyo International Film Festival Green Carpet Ceremony PA

The interpreter of PM's speech is my great mentor Ms. Sayuri Suzuki!!

The 25th Tokyo International Film Festival Closing & Award Ceremony (10/28/2012)

Ryo Tsuruta was my co-host

TV commercial of a local karaoke chain store in Nagoya, with Miho speaking French like in the presentation for Tokyo Olympics final bidding.

Google Maps App's GPS guide voice in Japanese (You can hear my voice from 1'08" on the following commercial on YouTube)

Voice-Over Showcase

Voice-over for LinkedIn Japan's Website

Nutcase Entertainment - Narration

Greater Nagoya Initiative PR Video (©PPF, Ltd.)

Japanese Paper Ornament PR Video (©Ieda Paper-craft, Inc.)