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Are you planning to have a Japanese-English or Japanese-French speaking bilingual (or trilingual) emcee at your wedding? Or do you need a professional voice to market your product in Japan?

With over 15 years of experience, I'm your first choice for bilingual event hosting, interpretation, and voice-over work.

Never underestimate the role of an MC!

Let me share my story.
Eleven years ago, I got married to my wonderful husband and we had our wedding in our hometown. As I had studied in high school in the U.S., we invited about 10 international guests including my host mother and sister, none of whom spoke Japanese.

Looking back then, I wish we had had an English-speaking wedding MC.

My guests from abroad had no idea what a Japanese-style wedding would be like. If you have attended one before, you know how super-organized it is, how busy the entire reception is with many proceedings, and also the traditions unique to Japan which may make you wonder:

  • Why are the bride & groom's families seated in the back, not in the front??
  • Why can't I propose a toast when I speak as the couple's guest of honor??
  • I'm making my speech in English and literally the couple is the only people who understand it.
  • OK, all the guests are laughing during the speech but I feel a little awkward because I don't speak Japanese...
  • The family of the Japanese bride(or groom) came to my table to pour beer in my glass and they want to say something, but I don't understand what they are saying!!
  • Why are the couple and their parents crying at the end of the reception???

Same was with my guests. I had asked some of my Japanese friends who speak English to help my host mom and sister and other guests as interpreters, but I'm afraid that didn't help much and my friends must have been exhausted by such a daunting task.

This should never happen to your wedding/event.
You need a professional, well-trained bilingual MC, possibly who can interpret speeches off the cuff for the comfort of you and your guests.

That's why I've been so passionate about hosting international events in the languages your all guests understnad. It's not just about the language barrier, but about making every single person present feel included, be part of the function.


Rest assured! I'm here to support your success.

Although I'm located in central Japan area near Nagoya, I travel quite often to Tokyo and Osaka as they are still the hubs of most of the international weddings and events. However, my availability is limited, so please contact and ask for a free quote and secure my schedule today. Let's make your special day an unforgettable one!!

Miho Noguchi
Bilingual/Tri-lingual Master of Ceremonies / Interpreter / Voice-over Talent



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